Thursday, November 29, 2012

Watch Goldilocks and the three bears and read along to the story with the words on the screen.

Watch the video and click on the link to dorwnload the activity:


In this link you have an activity based on the video:

You can download this document
and correct your activity


  1. Hi Ana
    What a nice video, of Goldilocks and the three bears!
    I think it is an interesting the activity, to watch the video and answer the comprehension questions you have prepared.
    I specially like the fact that there are also the answers, so the teacher doesn't have to guess it by him or herself.

    Thanks for sharing it!
    Àngels Clos Caturla

  2. Hi Ana,
    It's always nice to listen to a classic story. Children will love it and they can also follow the story with the subtitles if they find it difficult. Good activity!

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  4. Hi Ana!!

    I think with Goldilocks and the three bears the children can work listening, reading, and after story speaking about it.

    Your blog is fantastic!! Appereance, distribution, activities...


  5. Dear Àngels, Miren, Raquel and Mayra,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Best regards.

  6. Hi Ana:
    I like this activity because I think that is very interesting and motivating for children.
    Also, with this activity they will be able to practice their pronounciation and if they don´t understand something, they will be able to see the subtitles.
    From my point of view is a good idea that you do, doing next a exercise for comprehension.
    Thanks for sharing it, best regards.

    Raquel C.

  7. I like this activity because children can listen the story as much times they want so they can try to understand the story and then read it.

  8. Dear Raquel and paellaclick,
    Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog ;)
    Kind regards.